IT IS Tablet Solutions

IT IS tablet time – anywhere, at any time, on any device!
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IT IS Tablet Solutions

Not only in office, but especially on your business trip you like to have all important information with you. Particularly for your sales department this is very important and implicates a great simplification of their workday. The IT IS Tablet Solutions realize the access to all your data without any issues. They are the ideal companion to plan, structure and follow up your day better than ever before.

The Tablet Solutions combine your personal data with business data from various sources, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SharePoint. The result is a higher effectiveness for your own job and business, and better collaboration with colleagues and customers.

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Sales Person App – Planning, Vists, Orders

IT IS Tablet Solutions - Preparations for the complete day

Your day prepared well

IT IS Tablet Solutions - applications built for active communication

Be active in the communication with your customer!

IT IS Tablet Solutions - round up the day optimally

Sales people will love those applications!

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IT IS Manager APP - Top 5 rankings - Customer and sales staff

As a manager it is very important to get a quick and reliable overview of some company relevant numbers.

Top 5 Customers:
On this pie chart you can see, with which customers the company made the most business during a selectable time-frame. The chart displays the top five customers. The other customers are summed up as a sixth cake slice.

Top 5 Salespersons:
Sales persons typically are in business competition with each other. For a manager it is important how they are doing and whom to graduate a the top performer. With the sales top 5 you see which salespersons of the company make revenue during a selectable time-frame. The residual sales persons are also summed up also in a sixth part of the diagram.

Being at the pulse of your business usually starts by knowing the customers revenue. Read more.

IT IS Manager APP - Revenue instruments for analyzing important numbers

Revenue compared to the previous quarter:
How good was the order situation of your company compared to that of the last quarter? If you like to get to know this, just look at the “Revenue Compare Quarter” area. So you see if the situation is good or if you will need higher selling figures. The chart shows you a column diagram with the revenue of three months and the three months before that.
Revenue compared to the previous year:
If you like to compare for example the Christmas trade in December with that of last year, you know if your business figures have raised or not. Type in the desired space of time, and the comparison is shown on your Tablet PC. Read more.

IT IS Manager APP - Costs and Profit - look at your outcome

Cost Budget Comparison:
You can use this area not only for planning but also for analyzing: Normally, company expense or projects are devised with their costs, and after finishing the tasks, the manager looks if the planning was done right or if the costs were higher than the budget.

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